Star Goddess
I have always loved shapes. I love creating sculptures and have spent years making sculptural forms. More recently I began designing and creating jewelry. I developed the first Star Goddess form during a jewelry casting class. I recognized that if its size was shrunk, it could be a delightful pendant.
Star Goddess I
1 5/8" sterling silver

Star Goddess II
1 1/2" sterling silver

From the wax for Star Goddess I came three other forms as well as the Standing Star Goddess I sculpture. These Star Goddess pieces are the first of my "Wearable Sculpture" Series.

Not everyone can purchase a massive sculpture, so I've miniaturized some of my favorite explorations of form and movement.
Star Goddess III
1 3/8" sterling silver

Star Goddess IV
1 1/8" sterling silver

Standing Star Goddess I
12 in.