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"Beads and Beyond" was produced with the hope that beginning and experienced lampworkers would learn something new. LeRoy Goertz brings over 29 years of experience to this videotape.

On the following pages you will see images from the video "Beads and Beyond" along with basic information on how various bead and glass creations are made. It is, of course, our hope that these images would ENTICE you to purchase our video.

If you have any questions about the video please feel free to call or email. LeRoy is also a wealth of information and he is always glad to share with other in the craft.

One day, human beings began making glass -- and ever since then they've been hoarding their secrets! Glass artisans in the old days would have died before they shared information outside of the industry. LeRoy Goertz breaks that tradition by sharing some glass secrets and you are the winners.

In his 90-minute video, LeRoy shows how to use two of the finest glasses ever produced: Pyrex and Northstar Borocolour. These are what are known as "hard" glass and they are made to withstand thermal shock. The glass may be "HARD" but LeRoy shows that they are NOT hard to work with. You'll find the possibilities are endless.

You'll learn techniques using a torch and rods or tubes of glass (YES the secret is out; you CAN actually blow glass in a torch.) You'll learn how to create beads (both small wound beads and figures), perfume bottles, hummingbirds and dolphins. You will learn techniques of extending color (in other words, making that expensive colored glass go farther and be used to make more items.)

LeRoy is a sculptor who works in both glass and bronze. He brings to this video nearly 29 years of experience working with borosilicate glass. His work has been shown in galleries across the United States. He welcomes you to join him in discovering the secrets of your own creativity.