The Art of Reconciliation
Read about how a visit to Mississippi and Louisiana brought a vision to LeRoy Goertz for using art to heal cultural and historic memories in our relationship to Native Americans.

Creating has always been my passion. The tangible results of this passion come in the form of sculptures, jewelry and composing music. The sculptures and jewelry that I do can be seen and touched. The music can be seen as it is written on a score but most of us bypass that option and simply listen to the sounds. I also love to cook. With these creative interests, I can activate all five senses. Due to the limitations of the Internet, I will not try to stimulate your sense of taste and smell. However, you can go to the page where I have given you a recipe for ginger ice cream!

Nothing can beat the flavor of homemade ice cream. I remember the iceman making deliveries to my grandmother's house in Canada during the late 1940's. Some of that ice would be used for making homemade ice cream with a hand crank machine. This usually happened during a time when family and friends got together -- there would be enough people in the group to both crank and eat the whole batch. It all had to be consumed as grandmother only had an icebox and not a freezer. Everyone was joyously forced into gluttony, doing their part to make sure that no ice cream was left. (Those were the good old days when the effects of too much cholesterol were not well-known.)